Conference Topics


Information Systems
  • Big Data Innovations
  • IS Design , Development and Project Management
  • IS Security and Privacy
  • IS and Business Management
  • Enterprise Systems
  • eServices
Intelligent Systems
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • Intelligent Search and Information Retrieval
  • Ontologies and Semantic Interoperability
  • Autonomous and Robotic Systems
  • High Level Brain
  • Modelling, Clustering, Virtualization, SOA
  • Resource Discovery, Monitoring and Management
  • P2P, IoT, Mobility
  • Low Level Brain and Real Time Systems
  • Human-Computer Interaction and Social Media
  • Application-specific Grid and Cloud


ISec2021 - Third Workshop Information Security

The main goal of the event is to foster information exchange among researchers and practitioners in the area of Information Security. We welcome submissions from academia, industry and government both on traditional and emerging topics in the area. The participants are invited to present and discuss the most recent innovations, trends and results in theory and applications of Information Security.

eHealth - Electronic health

Electronic health (eHealth) aims at improving the quality of healthcare through a synergy of medical informatics, business and public health services employing modern information and communications technologies. In view of the National Science Program “eHealth” interoperability both technically and semantically is essential to the provision of high-quality health services. The scope of this research program includes:

  • Development of a methodology and related technologies based on internationally accepted standards in medical informatics for semantic interoperability in exchange of heterogeneous clinical data
  • Development of a prototype for computer aided generation of medical documentation
  • Development of a generalized theoretical model and a prototyped realization of an information system for control and analysis of large amounts of heterogeneous data including evaluation for the effect of treatment in the case of socially important and rare diseases.
This workshop is a unique opportunity to meet research workers and discuss fundamental and practical results in the scope of the eHealth research program.

UNITe - Semantic Interoperability and Openness of Research Data

The phenomenon of increasing volumes of data generated by researchers and the strengthening expectations for open access to them have led to the tendency to develop and put into practice adequate approaches to achieve semantic interoperability of research data. The methodologies for implementation of the now popular FAIR principles (i.e., the capacity computational systems to find, access, interoperate, and reuse data with none or minimal human intervention) are one of the main areas of research within the WP3 “Innovative Mathematical Methods and Models in the Digital World” in the framework of the project UNITe, financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Bulgarian Operational Programme “Science and Education for Smart Growth”. The main objective of the workshop is to provide opportunities to present and discuss new ideas and results in the thematic area of semantic interoperability and providing open access to big volumes of heterogeneous research data.